About Personal Property

& Estate Auctions

Auctions are about as old as mankind, with the earliest recorded auction in Babylon in 500 B.C. The earliest auction recorded in the United States is deemed to be a book auction in 1662 in New Amsterdam. While the auction method for selling is very old, today's method of selling at auction is very modern.

Montrie Auction Service prides itself in offering the most modern technology in conducting our auctions. With Montrie Auction Service, you'll receive customized inventory reports after each sale, prompt payment and professional, curteous service.  Our aggressive marketing program brings groups of buyers to the auction to competitively bid on your property. Excitement and competition among bidders stimulates prices and establishes current fair market values. Since an auction is a public forum where competitive bidding establishes a fair market value, prices can skyrocket.

The Auction Method is by far the most efficient, most reliable and easiest way to achieve your goal: to get the most money you can for what you have without any hassle! Serving Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan and the surrounding areas of Toledo, Ohio and beyond, we invite you to join us during one of upcoming auctions and experience the Montrie Auction Service difference!

Seller's FAQ's

Q: What do you charge for your services?

A: The seller usually does not incur any upfront costs. Instead, we charge a percentage of the sale (commission). The amount of commission charged depends on the item(s) you are interested in consigning with us. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss items you are interested in consigning. We invite you to fill out the form "Invitation to Consign/Sell," form on this page.

Q: Are there any items you will not take to sell at auction?

A: At Montrie Auction Service, we specialize in antiques, collectibles, estates, real estate and high end items. We wish to maintain a high standard for our clients to purchase. However, one man's trash is often another man's treasure. If you are not sure if we would be willing to take an item on consignment, it NEVER hurts to ask.

Q: What happens after Montrie Auction Service sells my items at auction?

A: Usually, within seven to ten days after your auction you will receive a complete, itemized computer printout of all items sold including descriptions, individual prices, commission charged and the net total along with a check from Montrie's Auction. You will find our services both professional and expedient with no need to keep track of stacks of bulky auction tickets!

Q: Do you purchase items outright?

A: Yes, we have the means to purchase any size estate or individual items.

Benefits of Selling at Auction

  • Highly aggressive marketing program brings buyers to the auction to competitively bid on your property. The auction environment and competition among bidders stimulates prices and establishes current fair market values.
  • A timely auction allows the seller to drastically reduce holding costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance.
  • Setting a specific date and time of sale creates a sense of urgency and forces the prospective buyers to a point of decision.
  • Quick, efficient and easy way to convert your personal and real property to cash.
  • There is no ceiling price set on the property, which allows the price to increase freely with no limit.
  • Historically, when the market is on the upswing, public auctions have established the highest prices. When the market is declining, an auction will capture the current market price before values drop.
  • The competitive bidding format creates confidence among the buyers when they see other people willing to pay a similar amount for the property.

Invitation to Consign/Sell

Interested in consigning your good, clean items to auction? We handle single items or entire estates....even the house itself!  We also buy estates, antiques, furniture and more!  For more information on how we can work with you, please fill out the form below.